Our Milk Lab

Dairy Veterinary Services has a full service milk quality laboratory designed to evaluate individual cow samples and pooled bulk tank samples for the presence of pathologic, mastitis causing bacteria; using National Mastitis Council protocols. We read our microbiologic cultures at 24 and 48 hours in order to identify all environmental and contagious organisms. Our Mycoplasma cultures are read at 5 and 7 days and broth medium is available to optimize growth.

We work closely with the UC Davis California Health and Food Safety Lab (CAHFS) for advanced microbiological investigation on unknown or unusual bacteria for quality control.

Our samples are cataloged in our milk laboratory computer program that generates easy-to-read reports. This will aid the client in monitoring the progress of their milk quality program.

All samples are evaluated and recorded by a licensed veterinarian. Consultation to assist in the development of a milk quality program aimed at meeting each client’s needs and goals.

Our laboratory is enrolled in the Laboratory Proficiency Testing Program at Quality Milk Production Services of the Cornell University.